Jul 30, 2013

LHC collider

Jan 16, 2013

Winter moons

Some experiments of astronomical photography, using hand held camera (no T-mount) and 4mm and 20mm optics on a 76mm 180x reflector telescope

Jul 19, 2012

Italy from the air

Cervino-Matterhorn western cliff
Stresa, on Lake Maggiore
Porto Giglio, with the half-sunk Costa Crociere cruise ship

Rome on Film

St. Pietro in Vatican, Castel Sant Angelo, Palazzo Barberini, Triton Fountain, S. Maria degli Angeli e Martiri.

London on Film

River Thames, Big Ben, Tate Gallery, London Eye, St. Paul, Shard

May 22, 2012

Fisheye Amsterdam

Some experiments with a GoPro fisheye lens in Amsterdam
Oude Kerk, World Press Photo 2012
Oude Kerk, Organ
Scheepvaart Museum, the glass roof
Scheepvaart Museum, globe hall
Scheepvaart Museum, timber figureheads
Artis Zoo, Lemure island

Apr 22, 2012

New York in Tilt-Shift

Flatiron Building
High Line
Central Park
Brooklyn Bridge
42nd Str.
Grand Central

Feb 26, 2012

Napoleonic forts of the New Walls of Genoa

Here some historical background on the fortification network